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207 s2000 : Pressé d'y jouer ?

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menus FFB rFactor (english)
Postée par f1.jeanphi le samedi 09 juin 2007 à 11:01

Menus FFB included in rFactor

Game_fr - Version 0.723 – June 09th, 2007

Title / Version:



This patch allows you to have the additional FFB commands, the icon telemetry, showroom full screen and some other commands.

No mismatch OnLine.

…have fun!


. Automatic : you only need to execute the file « MenuFFB_rFactor_v0.723.exe » to launch the installation..

. Manual:
unzip the zip file in your rfactor folder , or copy the files of the patch in your rfactor folder, by paying attention to respect the structure of the files in the game.

allow the overwrite of the former files if needed.

. Installation with ModMan :
this version of the interface is planned to be installed with Mod Manager, which is a downloadable software on the www.adonf-fr.com site. (You will find a tutorial of "Tortue Géniale" on the utility and the functioning of this program on the forum of rFactor Section. )


. you only need to get back the original game files , which you will find on the official site, then to put back them where the "new" files are installed by the patch.

The original files are available on this address:

-> http://rfactor.net/SimulationFiles/1255/UIData/ (UI.OSC)


. Version 0.8xx - WIP

- Added 'edit grid' command from qualifying offline.

- Added chat commands from the main menu.

- Added chat commands from 10 to 12.

- Recall commands hidden rFactor, Spotter, Telemetry, Realfeel.

- Various changes in the menu on the gearbox and tires in the garage.

. Version 0.723 - 09/06/2007

- Addition of the orders of purchase of the vehicles and the modifications in online

- Addition of the temperatures of oil and water of the engine in the garage

- Recall of the Upgrade installed in the garage, not of possibilities of making a change on this level!

. Version 0.719 - 12/05/2007

- 3 full screen showroom Menus added in ' customize':

- 1) basic

- 2) with a black bottom

- 3) and a customisable one.

- Integration of the essential settings in the free practices and races (weekend) ' control'.

- menus Optimizations, makes it possible to gain until 5s in the loading!

- 4 free practices available in race, which were already available in the preceding versions.

- commands Recall CTRL F & CTRL R in the steeringwheel settings menu.

- estimated top speed Recall in the gearbox adjustments part.

- Added chat commands from 7 to 9.

- Removal of the side bars on the menus, with possibility of being able to have them by removing the files

Static_Overlay0000.TGA & Static_Overlay_Monitor0000.TGA in Game_Fr.MAS file (not to remove the .MAS file!).

- special Menus for 3 leagues (PilotesOnLine - RésoTM - GPF1 Racing OnLine) - not included in the patch.

- And still the menus for Frank#55's (HRC) & NFR's (ETCC 2003) mods.

- having no permission for ctdp team, i cannot deliver the CTDP05 & CTDP05 SE menus to you.

. Version 0.715 - 14/04/2007

- New front page.

- menus for ETCC2003 (TEAM NFR) and HRC (Frank#55) mods updated with their kind authorizations.

- Modifications of Replays: laptimes, speed, driverchange etc.

- Repositioning of the Replays on the menus.

- display of the menu to confirm that you leave the session, reviewed.

- Possibility of adding credits of the circuits on this page

('nametrack'credits.tga) in track dependent. Width_Height=(300,200).

. Version 0.709 - 27/02/2007 (Beta version)

- a bug removed, removal of a line.

. Version 0.708 - 23/02/2007 (Beta version)

- Added : the FFB settings ( default values ).

- Added : a confirmation to leave the track (light bug of display which will be corrected in the next version).

- Added : 2 new graphics settings :

cockpit Detail

pitcrew Animation , useless command for now!

- Added : a reminder line under the replay in race.

Known bugs:

. . none as far as i know ! (40736 lines for info)

Crédits :


. Game_Fr - F1.JeanPhi (f1.jeanphi.free.fr)

. Yoss (Team NFR)

. Wilyd

. version blue to HRC by Pain-less


. Lebarronrouge

. Arnaud

. Super_Efix (Ligue GPF1 Racing OnLine)


. Team Apex Modding

. Team RacingFR

. Team NFR

. Ligue RésoTM

. Ligue GPF1 Racing OnLine

. Ligue PilotesOnLine

. All the regular users of the patch FR

. and the others...

Official hosts:

. rFactorCentral

. RacingFr.com

. Otaugames.com

. PilotesOnLine

. R34 Test Drive

. F1.jeanphi

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